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Your number 1 installers of K9 Turf. K9 Turf is the UK’s only 100% pet friendly artificial grass, at K9 Turf Yorkshire our professional installation team install K9 Turf throughout Yorkshire, creating ammonia and bacteria free artificial lawns that are safe for the entire family including your pets.

The UK's ONLY 100%

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

K9 Turf is the UK’s only 100% pet friendly artificial grass. Unlike latex backed grasses, K9 Turf has been designed specifically to withstand to moisture produced from pet waste. K9 Turf eliminates any unwanted odours and prevents the build up of ammonia and harmful bacteria. K9 Turf is your only choice when it comes to artificial grass for pets that is completely safe for your pets and the entire family.

Manufactured in the USA, K9 Turf has been designed using advanced technology to create the highest quality artificial grass for pets.

Our team of artificial grass specialists will guide you through the entire process, from receiving a quotation to having your K9 Turf installed. We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and the customer service we provide, leaving customers 100% satisfied and able to enjoy their new pet friendly artificial grass for many years to come.

We offer a free site survey where our qualified surveyor will visit your home, measure up the area and go through the procedure with you. This is a great way to ask any unanswered questions you may have and to get to know our company. You will then receive a quotation via post or email, if you are happy with the quotation, we will get you booked in for the next available installation slot which is only up to 4 weeks. Meaning you can be on your way to having a safe, pet friendly artificial lawn in no time.

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Proudly the UK’s #1 100% pet friendly artificial turf.

From the smallest of gardens to the largest of commercial areas, installations from K9 Artificial Grass Yorkshire will ensure a trouble-free, high quality installation using only the highest grade surfaces and proven techniques.

Our professional installation teams strive for complete customer satisfaction and through efficient team work, most gardens can typically be installed within a day.

We install and fit artificial grass in Yorkshire throughout Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield and more!

Wherever you are we can transform your garden for you!


Our 4 Phase System

Base Groundwork

1. Groundwork

Our in-house products used for the ground works have been tried and tested and were specially selected to ensure the longevity of your artificial lawn. We use mot and grano for their strength and durability.

K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

2. Pro Flow Technology

State of the art technology sets the bar high for our competitors. This pro flow technology gives exceptional drainage resulting in the most hygienic lawn.

3. Zeolite Infill

Zeolite infill is a reusable natural product designed to extend the life span of your lawn. Ensuring a low cost, low maintenance lawn which remains hygienic for the whole family to enjoy.

K9 Turf Cleaner

4. Enzyme Cleaner

Keep your lawn in tip top condition with the easy to use enzyme cleaner. This eliminates any build up of toxic ammonia, ensuring a hygienic environment that both children and pets can enjoy safely all year round.

K9Turf Aftercare & Pet Friendly Cleaning

We’re certain your dogs will love K9Turf, so certain in fact, on completion of your K9 installation you will be given a K9Turf Bio-Enzyme Cleaner FREE of charge, so you’re all set once your pets begin to use the lawn! Below you can find a breakdown of how to maintain K9Turf and the roles each component plays in keeping the lawn clean and fresh smelling for years to come.

You can find a more detailed explanation here.

Zeolite Infill

K9 Turf is designed specifically to combat pet waste, so from the moment dog urine hits the grass, it drops through the PU quadro-bind backing and into the Zeolite Infill, a reaction occurs which causes the urine (along with the harmful ammonia and bacteria it contains) to crystallise. The infill holds this crystallised waste until rainfall (or a good hose down) washes it away. The Zeolite will need refilling eventually, you can purchase this directly from us and all of our K9 maintenance services include a full Zeolite reset and refill.

Bio-Enzyme Cleaner

Our specialist K9 Bio-Enzyme cleaner works hand in hand with the Zeolite infill. The Bio-enzyme cleaner is a live product. Live meaning the enzymes it contains are quite literally alive, ready and waiting to rejuvenate your lawn. Once applied the live enzymes inside begin to eat away at the harmful bacteria within the crystallised pet waste held by the Zeolite infill, this prevents any nasty smells. The cleaner should be applied weekly to daily depending on how many dogs you have and how often they use the lawn.

How To Apply Cleaners

Once the enzyme cleaner has been applied to wet grass, leave for 5 minutes minimum (the longer the better!) to allow the live enzymes to break down the pet waste. Applying the bio-enzyme cleaner in hot sunny weather will kill the enzymes before they begin to work their magic! The cleaner is best applied during or soon after rainfall as the rains acidity mixes best with the cleaner. If this isn’t possible, we recommend saturating the lawn fully with a garden hose. Allow the natural warmth from sunlight to dry the grass and your lawn will be left sparking clean and fresh smelling read for continued use!

To apply the Zeolite Infill either sprinkle the infill or use a drop spreader for even distribution, then brush through the yarns with a stiff bristled yard broom.

Maintenance Service

We also offer a maintenance service which we recommend you undertake once a year to keep your K9 artificial lawn looking as good as new. The price for this will vary depending on the size of your lawn / complexity but we always make sure that our maintenance services are competitively priced to meet all budgets. If you have a K9 Turf artificial lawn installed with ourselves, having an annual maintenance service can extend your warranty to up to a massive 18 years!

Residential or commercial, we are the one stop location for all of your outdoor needs.

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