K9 Artificial Grass Huddersfield

At K9 Turf Artificial Grass Huddersfield, we provide the highest quality of pet friendly grass on the market. Our grass is manufactured in the United States, and made from environmentally safe and pet friendly materials. Our certified installers carry out professional installations throughout Huddersfield that are guaranteed up to 18 years!

We have noticed the increase of demand in pet friendly artificial grass, this is due to its many benefits, which include:

  • No nasty odour
  • Low maintenance
  • No need for mowing
  • No more mud or mess
  • No water logging
  • Suitable all year round

Why Choose Us?

If you are considering getting pet friendly artificial grass, then it is very important that you understand the different types of artificial grass products on the market. There are many products which are falsely advertised as pet friendly, which are made from latex. Latex backed grass can become a breeding round for bacteria and bad odours.

Every product which we supply to our customers is made from polymers that are 100% pet friendly. Each grass is manufactured using the latest innovation, making it an extremely safe and a reliable option for your garden area.

Overtime, latex backing will absorb pet urine and breads bacteria and bad odours. However, K9 Turf is designed specifically for dogs and has an effective drainage system in place, meaning the pet waste will not absorb into the grass or backing. K9 Turf also benefits from Pro Flow Technology, which boosts the drainage system up to 400%, making it one of the safest, pet friendly products available.

Request A Free Quote

We provide a warranty with our K9 Turf Artificial Grass, ensuring all our customers are left completely satisfied with their products. We offer a free, no obligation site survey with our experienced surveyors, so get in touch if you are interested in this service, as our friendly and professional team are always happy to help!