K9 Artificial Grass Dewsbury

Are you tired of your dog destroying your lawn? We understand how difficult it can be to maintain your natural grass in general, but as a dog owner, it can seem impossible, but we have a solution – K9 Turf!

The market of artificial grass is growing rapidly. Previously, astro turf was mainly used for sports pitches, however, now it is becoming increasingly popular in domestic gardens all over the world.

If you’re looking for pet friendly artificial grass, K9 Turf Artificial Grass Dewsbury is the right choice! Due to recent advanced research on the products, K9 Turf is 100% pet friendly and will be able to withstand the wear and tear caused by pets. When you purchase K9 Turf products, you are guaranteed to have a safe garden area for not only you, but your dogs too! Getting artificial grass will prevent other everyday issues that come with a natural lawn, such as mud, mess or puddles.

Why Choose Artificial Grass Dewsbury?

Great for dogs

K9 Turf is the perfect alternative from natural grass, as it is completely pet friendly, offers a non-slippery surface for everyone and the synthetic fibres in the grass are capable of withstanding heavy duty play from your pets! K9 Turf has a flow through baking, a short dense blade structure and anti-microbial guard, which results in the prevention of bacteria, mould and mildew, which also helps to eliminate bad odours and makes cleaning the artificial grass so much easier.

High quality artificial grass

At K9 Turf Dewsbury, our main aim is to keep up our high standard of customer service, ensuring every customer we deal with is left completely satisfied. This is the reason why we offer the best quality products on the market. All of our products are manufactured using the highest quality materials available, meaning the grass will last longer without getting ruined.

Easy Maintenance

By choosing K9 Turf, you won’t have to spend hours on maintaining your lawn anymore. Our artificial grass is easy to maintain, with regular easy cleaning. You can buy our K9 Turf Cleaner, which kills all bacteria in the lawn, eliminates those unwanted odours and controls toxic ammonia. You can also buy our K9 Turf Infill, which controls toxic ammonia and cools down artificial grass in the hot weather. The infill is 100% organic and is only required to be laid once! Both these cleaning products are completely pet friendly. If you clean your artificial lawn regularly, you will keep it smelling nicer and looking as fresh as the day it was laid!

Our 4 Phase Installation System

K9 Turf is artificial grass which is designed specially for dogs. Our grass uses a K9 four phase system for the installation of your lawn. The stages are below:

  1. The base work
  2. Drainage system
  3. Infill
  4. Enzyme Cleaner

By using this four phase system, this ensures the strong foundation of the installation. The proflow Urethane ensures the artificial grass has an effective drainage system.  Additionally, the infill is produced from organic substances and the enzyme cleaner ensures easy cleaning of the artificial grass.

Professional Service

Customer service is always on the top of our priority list. At K9 Turf Dewsbury, we have skilled and experienced professionals who are always happy to help, in case you have any questions, advice or problems that need rectifying. We also offer a free, no obligation survey and quotation – our surveyor can visit your home to guide you and explain our installation process to you. This can be booked in over the phone with our friendly office team.

K9 Turf Dewsbury will offer you the latest artificial grass solutions, that will make your life easier! We provide high quality artificial grass, which will look and smell amazing, and completely safe for your pets. By switching to K9 Turf artificial grass, there is no need to worry about any mud or mess ever again!

Request A Free Quote

We provide a warranty with our K9 Turf Artificial Grass, ensuring all our customers are left completely satisfied with their products. We offer a free, no obligation site survey with our experienced surveyors, so get in touch if you are interested in this service, as our friendly and professional team are always happy to help!