4. Enzyme Cleaner

K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner is the No.1 artificial grass cleaner available on the market. It doesn’t just mask odours, it penetrates the turfs surface, eliminating odours and killing bacteria. The specialist enzyme cleaner travels through the grass to the subbase, following the trail from pet waste eliminating every particle. The cleaner acts as an organic waste degrader and controls toxic ammonia which can be harmful to pets, children and anybody else using the lawn.

K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner has been manufactured in the USA by ProVetLogic, a leading company in pet products. The product is nontoxic meaning it is environmentally friendly and 100% safe for all cats and dogs. Not only does the cleaner eliminate odour and kill bacteria, it also uses a bleaching action (without the bleach) to brighten the surface, leaving them looking sparkling clean with a fresh scent. The inherent biological action in the product cleans the artificial grass in between the required cleaning maintenance which is approximately every 3 months.

K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner

Controls Toxic Ammonia

Domestic gardens, kennels or any other outdoor area used by pets, especially dogs can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, produced from pet waste. As well as bacteria, pet waste produces ammonia gases which create the strong, nasty odour that comes from pet urine and fisci’s. K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner is a high-performance artificial grass cleaner designed to eliminate odour.

Many people who consider getting artificial grass presume that it is no maintenance. Artificial grass is low maintenance, not no maintenance, especially artificial grass for dogs. As much as we wish K9 Turf was a self-cleaning grass, it follows a strict four phase system that needs to be kept up with in order have an odour and bacteria free artificial lawn that the entire family and your pets can enjoy. Unfortunately, if you have already had a latex artificial grass laid and your lawn has become a smelly unusable area, the smell can only be reduced by up to 40%. This is due to latex backed grass being unsuitable for pet waste as latex holds moisture, causing a build up of ammonia which creates the bad odour.

Completely Safe For All Pets

K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner has been designed to be completely safe for all pets. Many cleaners are high in fragrance which can have an adverse effect on animals’ sense of smell. Our cleaner has been made with a subtle fragrance that still leaves your lawn smelling fresh and clean.

How to use

  1. Wet the area with clean water
  2. Apply cleaner and leave for 5 minutes to allow the enzymes to activate.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  4. The enzymes separate three urine components from the grass which will be washed away with a good rinse.

The Enzyme cleaner comes in 1L tubs. 75ml of the enzyme cleaner should be diluted per 5 litres of water to be effective on Pro Flow Urethane backed grass such as K9 Turf. For 1-2 dogs using the lawn on a regular basis we recommend using the cleaner once every 3 months.