K9 Artificial Grass Leeds

Here at K9 Artificial Grass Leeds, we provide and install the highest quality of pet friendly artificial grass. Our team of experts have a wide range of knowledge on how to provide a safe and environmentally friendly garden area for your family and pets all year round! Using all the latest innovations and technology, we’re confident our grass is built to last and is 100% pet friendly. K9 Artificial Grass Leeds have a team of artificial grass professionals who are certified installers of K9 Turf. The full team are always on hand to give any advice you may need or to answer any questions about our artificial grass for dogs.

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Why Choose Artificial Grass Leeds?

With an increasing amount of people across the UK opting for the artificial grass alternative but unsure which is suitable for pets– here are just a few benefits of choosing K9 Turf:

  • Low maintenance alternative
  • Creates a garden you can enjoy all year round
  • No more mud or mess
  • 100% pet friendly
  • No need for mowing the lawn
  • No more muddy puddles and waterlogging
  • Creates a safe artificial lawn for the entire family
  • Provides an alternative option for areas where natural grass won’t grow

Why Your Pets Love K9 Artificial Grass

In the artificial grass industry, there are a lot of products on the market which cannot handle pet waste effectively – which eventually will result in gardens beginning to smell, due to build up of ammonia from the waste.

Due to advanced research and technology, K9 Turf have created and manufactured a product which is 100% pet friendly. This is because we use Prow-Flow Technology, meaning our grasses have a more enhanced drainage system, compared to latex backed grass, and other standard PU backed grass, allowing any pet waste to drain away effectively. Additionally, the polymers used to make our turf are anti-porous, meaning it repels pet waste and stops it from sinking into the backing of the grass.

At K9 Artificial Grass Leeds, we understand that it is an important decision when deciding which artificial grass to choose for your garden. But by investing in K9 Turf Artificial Grass for Dogs, you wont have anything to worry about and your garden will be 100% safe! Any germs or bacteria will easily be washed away, making sure that your garden stays toxin free. One of the reasons why our grass is completely pet friendly, is that unlike many other cheaper products on the market, our grass is hypoallergenic, meaning it contains no lead or latex.

When buying artificial grass as a pet owner, it is very important that you know and understand how the artificial grass will be installed. This is a key factor in your installation, as if the drainage or foundations are not installed properly, this could cause a bunch of issues in the future. Ensuring this does not happen, we have created a 4-Phase grass and installation system, ensuring that your garden area remains bacteria free and safe all year round.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

We offer an annual maintenance service plan which helps to keep your artificial lawn in high quality condition and helps to boost the lifespan of the lawn. With our service plans, you will not have to worry about keeping your lawn looking fresh, as we can do everything for you!

Our service plan helps your warranty, as we can ensure that your lawn is professionally maintained and cleaned properly. Taking out an annual maintenance service with K9 Artificial Grass Leeds can extend your warranty up to 18 years! With our services, it also means we can find and rectify any problems with the lawn, which may cause long term damage if not dealt with.

The K9 Turf Leeds Service Plan includes:

  • Power washing the lawn (using Enzyme cleaners)
  • Checking all the edges and joins of the artificial grass
  • Removing pet hair
  • Eliminate any airborne weeds from the surface
  • Ensuring the infill levels are correct, and topping them up where necessary
  • Using a mechanical brush to make the lawn look fuller and denser


The service plan does not cover general wear and tear or accidents which have caused damage to the turf (such as burning or flooding), however, we can offer a repair service for these types of issues.

Our maintenance service packages are priced based on the size and type of garden, simply get in touch to find out a cost for keeping your lawn looking as good as new!

Request A Free Quote

We provide a warranty with our K9 Turf Artificial Grass, ensuring all our customers are left completely satisfied with their products. We offer a free, no obligation site survey with our experienced surveyors, so get in touch if you are interested in this service, as our friendly and professional team are always happy to help!