Product Test

Considering an artificial grass installation? In this video the friendly Managing Director of K9 Turf, John, shows you exactly how the advanced drainage system in our artificial turf can drain liquid more efficiently than any other artificial grass. This is demonstrated on our 30mm K9 Turf which has a 1,400 face weight and our 40mm K9 Turf which has a 1,500 face weight.

John explains how our ProFlow Urethane backing gets to work in the artificial grass installation process. Our K9 Turf is the most superior drainage material used in artificial grass on the market today. This is demonstrated by pouring a large volume of water through the artificial turf. As you can see, all the water is draining through the other side of the K9 Turf. This is exactly what you need if you have pets that will be using the lawn as a bathroom. The pet urine will fully drain through the artificial grass meaning there is no chance of an unpleasant smell being left on your lawn, which is exactly what would happen if you had a latex backed artificial grass installed. Latex backed artificial grass does not have enough drainage holes to get rid of pet urine like a urethane backing used in the manufacture of K9 Turf, meaning the pet urine will be held underneath your artificial lawn. This is bad because pet urine contains harmful chemicals such as ammonia and bacteria making the artificial lawn unsafe to be used by your pets and children. Also, the smell of pet urine under your latex grass cannot be eliminated; even if you use the best artificial lawn cleaner on the market the unpleasant smell will only be reduced by 30%.

If you’re thinking of having an artificial grass installation done, it should be clear that K9 Turf is the best pet friendly artificial grass available to buy today. If you’re still not convinced, check out our customer testimonial video here.