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Do you have dogs and are wanting an artificial lawn? Are you worried your artificial lawn will smell over time? K9 Artificial Grass Halifax have the solution for you. We are official and certified installers of K9 Turf. K9 Turf is the only 100% pet friendly artificial grass available. Manufactured in the US, our grass has been scientifically designed to withstand pet waste such as urine. Our grass has a Pro Flow Urethane backing which has been designed to prevent the build up of harmful bacteria and horrid odours, making it safe for children and pets, unlike latex backed grasses which trap the smell of ammonia, making your artificial grass unbearable in years to come. K9 Turf ensures you have an all year-round garden, with no mud, no bacteria and no odour!

Why Choose K9 Artificial Grass Halifax?

Here are K9 Turf Halifax, we want to give you all the information, advice and the most friendly, efficient customer service from the beginning right through to the end of your experience. We work hand in hand with our customers, answering all queries you have and guiding you with making the right decision. Our site surveys are a free service that we provide for all customers, carried out by our professionally trained surveyors that are always local to you. They explain the process and importance of K9 Turf rather than a latex backed grass, from the works that are to be carried out through to the aftercare information. Your quotation will be sent to you the same day that the surveyor has been to your property, which explains in depth about the works that will be carried out on your lawn and what the quotation price includes. Our team of artificial grass experts always work around you, the customer, as to when the installation can be booked in. Once the quotation has been accepted, we aim to get your installation booked in within 4-6 weeks, choosing the best date for you. We work quickly, yet efficiently to ensure you have a smooth experience having your lawn transformed. This is demonstrated by our 100% customer satisfaction.

All our professional K9 Turf installers have been provided with in house training by qualified installers. They can not become official K9 Turf installers without undergoing our strict training courses. We use our very own trained installers for all our installations, meaning you will be reassured that your installation will be completed at an exceptionally high standard, by no one other than installers within our company. We never subcontract these jobs to other landscapers or have any franchise companies.

What makes K9 Turf so different to latex backed grass?

K9 Turf is made with a Pro Flow Urethane woven backing, which allows all moisture, including pet waste, to flow freely through the backing of the grass and through the sub base. Latex backed grasses absorbs pet urine over time, this then acts as a hotbed for harmful bacteria’s! These bacteria’s and odours become very hard to eliminate, no matter how much cleaner is used. Not only are they hard to eliminate, they are also harmful to your pets and children. K9 Turf is designed specifically to prevent this, allowing you and your pets to enjoy your lawn for years to come, without the hassle.

When installing K9 Turf, there is a required 4 Phase System that has to be followed. The first phase is to create a durable, strong sub base to ensure all pet waste can flow freely through the base works of the grass, if pet waste can’t flow freely throw the sub base, this can cause the grass to smell. The second phase is the K9 Turf itself, which is manufactured with an extremely durable U shape yarn, ensuring pets are not able to rip the grass. The grass is mixed with a brown thatch to create a more natural looking artificial lawn. There are two types of K9 Turf to choose from to have In your lawn, if you are the kind of person who likes a more freshly cut lawn, we have a 30mm pile height, and if you are for a more fuller, luxurious lawn but with the same durability, we have a 40mm pile height.

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K9 Turf: Service Plan

We offer an annual service plan to help keep your artificial grass looking as good as new! This takes the hassle of maintaining your lawn away from you, as we do everything for you. Our service plan will help boost the warranty of your grass, as it ensures the grass is being maintained professionally. The service plan also helps us find and rectify any issues, which will prevent any long term problems with the turf. Our service plan includes the removal of pet hair, checking edges and the seams of the grass, the removal of airborne weeds from the surface, power washing and checking the infill levels, and making sure they are topped up if necessary.

Request A Free Quote

We provide a warranty with our K9 Turf Artificial Grass, ensuring all our customers are left completely satisfied with their products. We offer a free, no obligation site survey with our experienced surveyors, so get in touch if you are interested in this service, as our friendly and professional team are always happy to help!